Okay, Class--Time for a Quiz!

(no fair scrolling down to the answers... ;->)


1. Richard Boone was born in:

a) 1917

b) 1719

c) A galaxy far, far away

2. Richard Boone was a seventh generation nephew of:

a) Davy Crockett

b) Daniel Boone

c) Fess Parker

3. Of the following jobs, which did RB not have before becoming an actor?

a) oil field roustabout

b) bartender

c) Attorney General

4. What famous dancer did Richard Boone study with?

a) Agnes deMille

b) Martha Graham

c) Pinky Lee

5. What was Richard Boone's first film?

a) Halls of Ivy

b) The Holly and the Ivy

c) Halls of Montezuma

6. What role did Richard Boone play in Medic?

a) Conway Twitty

b) Konrad Styner

c) Conrad Birdie

7. What is the slogan on Paladin's business card?

a) "Have Gun--Will Travel"

b) "Have Gun--Will Shoot"

c) "Have Gun--Will Work for Food"

8. What is Paladin's first name?

a) Wire

b) "Paladin" is the only name he's known by in the series

c) Endeavour

9. What eponymous show did RB star in after HGWT ended?

a) The Donna Reed Show

b) The Richard Boone Show

c) The Danny Kaye Show

10. Which actor was not a member of RB's TV stock company?

a) Robert Blake

b) Harry Morgan

c) Erich Von Stroheim

11. Where did Richard Boone go after The RB Show was canceled?

a) Hawaii

b) The unemployment line

c) A galaxy far, far away

12. What Hawaii-based show did Richard Boone almost star in?

a) Magnum P.I.

b) Hawaiian Eye

c) Hawaii 5-0

13. What was "Hec Ramsey" a segment of?

a) Sagebrush Theatre

b) Jack Webb Presents

c) The NBC Mystery Movie

14. What was Richard Boone's last film?

a) How Are You Fixed for Blades?

b) The Bushido Blade

c) Sling Blade

15. A trophy is awarded annually in Richard Boone's memory for what sport?

a) Acting

b) Fishing

c) Pitching pennies

ANSWERS - I bet you got every question right! But, just in case:

1a; 2b; 3c; 4b; 5c; 6b; 7a; 8b; 9b; 10c; 11a; 12c; 13c; 14b; 15b